Saturday, February 27, 2010

I'm back....

Sorry for the delay in my return. I'm sure everyone was loosing sleep over it. ;)

Germany was wonderful... we also spent a day in Salzburg, Austria. I'm in love with Austria.

I've ran twice since I've been back. Yes, twice. It's sad. It took me a good week to recover from my trip and then I started looking up some half marathon training plans and am trying to focus on not "over training..." So I'm going to follow a 3 day a week running schedule along with 1-2 days of cross training (aka biking). I really cannot afford injuries and I think right before my trip I jumped up my mileage too quickly versus the 10% or whatever it is that they recommend. So I have two 3-mile runs under my belt this week and will do another tomorrow. I am hoping on my mountain bike in a couple of hours for about a 15 mile bike ride.

I got on Amazon this morning and ordered my coconut water and some chia seeds. I am so looking forward to the Fruit/Veggie Market opening in March so I can get all my fresh produce. I get excited when my house is full of pretty veggies that I can devour.

I have alot of catching up to do and hope to stay on top of things from here on out.

Happy Saturday, Friends!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Life got in the way...

I think I ran since the last post. I can't remember... but I'm heading to Germany on Sunday.. totally last moment.. spur of the moment...

Well, I had the opportunity but couldn't find a ticket then found and well, now I've been running around with head cut off.

So, I'll be gone til Valentines Day... My friend is there on business so she asked me to go along.. granted we are on different flights and all that but we'll hook up in Munich.. then a good college friend is coming to hang out with us, too. She's an English teacher in Sarajevo and couldn't pass up the opportunity to come see two of her sorority sisters in Europe. So, it'll be a great time!

and seriously, I have no plans to run in Germany.... I'll bring my tennis shoes (to wear) and I'm sure I'll have a sports bra on hand BUT, again, I seriously doubt I'll run... I don't run when I'm on vacation. I just don't. I've got 3 kids and a husband, let me chill for 2 seconds, Please! ha! So, I'll come back 50lbs heavier from drinking beer and eating food full of starch but, hey, I'll come back ready to train and be on my way.............