Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I Am Woman....

I looked out the window this morning and realized it was lightly snowing. I told myself that the only way I was not going to run was if it was too slippery out there. By the time I walked out the door the sidewalks and roads were covered but it wasn't as cold as yesterday when I about froze my face off. So, I managed to do my 3.1 miles with ease. It was actually a nice change to walk out there and see something different. The run itself just felt different. I even kind of enjoyed it. Did I just say that?

This weekend I am going to try and do an hour out there. During the weekday mornings I only have an allotted time to get out and back so I've never been able to see how long I can really run. Once it starts getting lighter earlier in the morning I can push my runs up earlier, maybe?

I had a bunch more to say yesterday when my internet was down so now I'm blank. I'm sure it will come to me later.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Oh, the weather outside is frightful

and the snow is so delightful.

Well, not really. I woke up this morning to snow. Not alot like the couple feet we had in December that seemed to last FOREVER but about an inch covering everything. The plan this morning was to go mountain biking with a friend. Change of plans. We like to pretend that we are "hardcore." But with weather, not so much. We are both pretty wimpy in the cold and riding bikes with the wind whiping past ya, ehhhh, not really fun.

So, that brings me to running. I haven't been a fan of running in the cold either. No matter what I wear I just can't get over that cold air burning my lungs and freezing my entire face off. Oh, and my feet. Brrrr. So, Winter's kind of messed me up this year. How do you all do it?

My goal this week is to run 3 mornings, mountain bike on the weekend, and lift weights 3 days. Need to build up those muscles. I don't really consider mountain biking part of my workouts though. Just because I don't go at it alone and I am with other people so to me that's called "hanging out with my friends."

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I Love Lucy

As I grow a little bit older, despite feeling like I am 25 still, I am realizing the importance of my comfort over trendy. I go through spurts of wanting to wear cute fashionable clothing but then realize that my trips to the local Safeway or espresso stand isn't winning me points on the cover of Vogue.

So, over the last couple of months I've invested in a few really cute quality comfy yet fashionable workout items. I think my favorite purchase, despite the price, was a pair of running pants from Lucy (http://www.lucy.com/). Of course now they aren't on their website but what I do see is a trend that is hitting alot of outdoor sports recently... SKIRTS!
See that skirt? I think I might need it. I actually think it might make me run just a little bit faster.... and if it doesn't, I really think that the shirt might actually seep into my blood and turn me into the runner that I want to be.

I'm coming out of my shell and I've been doing just fine...

Let me begin by saying I am NOT a runner. Yes, I run a couple of times a week but it's not really "running" it's called jogging. I don't run fast and at times I walk. Somedays I struggle just to run 3 miles because I am just not feeling it or my brain says, this is dumb why are you out here. I've entered two runs in my life. Both 5Ks done 6 years apart. Ironically, the one I did this past December was only 27 seconds slower then when I was younger and in, what I thought was, good shape. Let's just average the two and say my 5k is 30:21. So, not fast and not slow. Just ehhh.

It's 2009 and it's time for me to focus on one thing that is just me. This year that one thing would be running. Be it a 5K, 10K, half-marathon, and a lofty marathon that is what I will be working towards as the year progresses.

I needed a place where I could say Hey, look what I did today and hopefully get a few followers and friends that I can follow that are working on the same type of journey. Or hey, if you just want to say good job or slacker... that's fine, too.

With that, let's begin...