Thursday, January 28, 2010

Shin Splints....

Yes, it was too good to be true. How quickly those shin splints appeared once I upped my mileage. It hit about the same point in the mile marker as it did before. Hopefully, this time I am quicker to nip it in the butt then I was last time. It's only on my left shin (at the moment) and although it's not killing me (yet) it's enough to make running uncomfortable and annoying.

I went 3.71 miles today. That wasn't my plan but knew immediately that things weren't going to look up the further I went. So I cut it short... even my time was much slower... 37 minutes. So, tomorrow at my appointment, I'll go in stressing the importance of fixing this NOW and not a week before a half marathon. ha!

Foods been pretty boring today too. Green Monster for breakfast, Salad for lunch, some cinnamon something letter cookies from Trader Joes.

Dinner will be BBQ Pork Ribs and whatever else I decide to throw out there. More then likely broccoli (since that's the only green veggie I have besides lettuce/spinach). I'm not starving so that's a probably good thing tonight, otherwise I'd probably make a big ol' feast full of fat.

Hoping everyone is having a wonderful week and doing all they can to continue on the road to health and happiness.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

“If you only do what you know you can do- you never do very much.”--Tom Krause

Wednesdays.... why are there Wednesdays?

I always find Wednesdays uneventful. It's like they are just set in the week to torture you.

It was my lower body workout day which is always quick for me. Since PT focuses on this part of my body I tend to get a better workout twice a week with them then at home. We'll see if that changes as time goes on.

Food was, food and nothing was really all that thrilling to eat today. ha!

Green Monster for breakfast...

Lunch was a honey mustard snack wrap at McDonalds since I was out and about and my daughter wanted McDonalds. Ran some errands and bought a couple containers of coconut water. I was surprised that Trader Joes didn't carry it so I had to head to Whole Foods. I always have sticker shock when it comes to certain items that I include in my meals. The coconut water is like $4.99 for a container. I don't even think it's a quarts worth... And I use a little over a cup a day. Boooo.

Since the snack wrap was lame I came home and had some cottage cheese with yogurt topped with some almonds/raisins. Which kind of hit the spot.

Then it was dinner time and I cooked up some gluten free (which I only say they were gluten free because it said it all over the package and I really didn't buy them for that reason) chicken spinach meatballs that I bought at Costco the other day and put them in a whole wheat pita with some tzatzki and feta. It was pretty good but it was obviously lacking something because I walked into the pantry and grabbed a couple squares of dark chocolate. ha!

So, that's my day in a nutshell. A friend of mine called me and said so, I see you are getting your runs set up for the year. I kind of stopped for a sec and she goes, on Facebook, you guys have your runs up there. HA! Oops, forgot about the power of facebook. But she said she would like to join me in February so, I wont be alone. Originally I had two friends doing the 5K but one is still recovering from ankle surgery and the other will be in Germany on business. Heck, I'D rather be in Germany on business but I don't think that's part of Playgroup. ha! I'm the type that if I don't have anyone to run with I'm still good to go because it's something I've signed up to do...

No one can call me a quitter. ;)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Woke up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy....

And so it goes, we begin another week.

I dropped my daughter off at preschool and I came home and stretched knowing it was time... time for a run....

5.95 miles in 54:23 with a pace of 9.05.

Keep on keeping on. I am closing in on the mileage where things start aching... and yes, I feel it. My IT Band on my right leg is feeling a little grinding.... my left shin is starting to throb.... So, I head to physical therapy on Friday for my twice a week workouts once again. I'm biting all this early. I'm also going to ask about figuring ways to relax my back when I'm done because it's soooooooo tight afterwards... and lets not forget about the numbness coming back when it's cold.

I'm a whole bundle of fun now aren't I???

On the food front, I'm doing fine.

Lets see, before my run I had a rice cake and a Green Monster smoothie made with my new favorite coconut water...

Then after my run I drank the other half of the Green Monster....

Lunch was some Healthy Choice Soup and a can of mandarin oranges.

Then I snacked on an apple with peanut butter.

Dinner was a chicken pot pie soup which was lacking in flavor. Not sure why it was rated 5 stars. Lame. Oh, and a slice of asiago cheese bread.

And now it's 8PM. I don't know if I'll have anything else. I'm just not that hungry on the days I run. I'm more tired then anything. I just feel so run down. What's the solution to that? But on days I lift weights I feel just fine. Do I need more food or is it my body adjusting to being a little bit more productive with my body?

There's a chance I'll be doing a half marathon on May 1. My husband asked me why I hadn't signed up but it was one of those, well, I thought about it but since it's an inaugural event and deemed "fast and flat" it kind of scares me. 13 miles FAST? Doh. What does that mean? Are all the people going to be running 6 minute miles or what?

Tomorrow's a lower body workout. If my IT band starts bugging me then I think I'll switch it up to Abs and no squats. No worries. I'm feeling stronger this year then last so cross your fingers my body holds it together.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Life Happens...

And I didn't get any workout in this weekend. So, that was basically one run that didn't happen. Oh well. Just was busy with my daughters birthday party on Saturday then today I just woke up and told my husband I was going to do laundry and sit around and do nothing. He said "good." So that's what I did.

Granted, I did overindulge in the chip and dip department yesterday but life goes on. Monday's a new day. My plan this week is to lift weights tomorrow, run 5 miles Tuesday, lower body on Wednesday, Run 5 miles on Thursday, and PT on Friday... then we are at the weekend again with a run probably Sunday. I'll pick the better weather day.

So, nothing real exciting report except umm, I would like a brownie...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Oh, my aching legs....

Yesterday I did squats. It has been a month since I've done a squat and I'm sure you all know how that goes.... You can no longer climb stairs. Get out of a chair. Or ummm, move? So, when it came time to run this afternoon I was pretty close to talking myself out of it... BUT then I thought about tomorrow and how a run would work better today then tomorrow and yadda yadda...

So, I hit the pavement. I did my 5 miles. Yeah, Me. 5.03 if we want to get technical. And well, every little bit counts. So, I ran a 9:11 pace and finished in 46:49. Which for me isn't quite shabby. I think that's the fastest I've ran that far ever. Go Team Denise! It was nice to know that even when I stop to tie my shoe, or to just regroup that I can keep a decent pace. How far I can keep that up, time will only tell. I'll go the same route on Saturday. I probably wont add another mile til next week. I could, I guess but, I don't know. It's probably too early to start "training" for the 1/2 in June but it's not too early to continue to work in those miles. I want to be comfortable and painfree. That's an easy enough goal, right?

Food wise, a little wonky today. For breakfast I had made oatmeal and put in some frozen blueberries... well, not a good choice because then my oatmeal turned cold fast. And after a couple of bites I had enough and was off on my errands for 3 hours.

Lunch was a Lean Cuisine Panini (quickest thing at the time), followed by a spoonful of peanut butter.

Then I made a Green Monster smoothie with the wonderful addition of coconut water. I drank only half because it was getting close to run time.

After the run I reblended the Green Monster and finished that off and that really hit the spot! Very refreshing with some added ice cubes.

Dinner was a big ol' salad with some shrimp.

OH... and my left shin is a little achey. I iced them up so I need to keep those shin splints at bay. Hitting physical therapy on Tuesday and want to get on the injury prevention asap... I don't need anything stopping me in my tracks this year.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What did I do today????

Throughout the day I always think of these wise ol' things to talk about and then I get on at night and forget. I'm sure it was all very important. ;)

So, lets see, today I had a VERY GOOD Green Monster for breakfast.... by now you should know my usual ingredients so take out the almond milk and add some coconut water. Quite Tasty indeed!!!!

Lunch was a chicken soft taco from Taco Time. I think it's like 442 calories. Then I came home and ate a WW Cafe Au Lait ice cream bar. Just needed a little extra something...

And since I had lunch out and about today why not order take out for dinner. So, I called our local Vietnamese restaurant and ordered myself some Pho. Love me that Pho.

Then I just devoured 4 small squares of milk chocolate. I was looking for a cookie and oddly enough I had NONE in my freezer. Which means, Mama is slackin' on her cookie makin'. If you are new to who I am, I bake... a lot! But the thing is I really don't eat a lot of baked goods I just enjoy the process of baking. So, what happens is, I bake cookies... leave about a dozen out for the family and the rest goes in the freezer. So, if you are ever looking for a cookie you know to check the freezer... but guess what???? There are NONE!!!! I'll get on that after this week!

Today's workout was for the lower body using the bowflex. Also some squats. Which I am finding a little IT Band issue doing one legged squats so I'll be sure to bring that up to PT next week. Must nip that in the butt Pronto!

Tomorrow's my running day. Hoping to hit 5 miles. That way I can get over that hump and have a time to keep in mind for later.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

This week seems long already...

Today's Run:

4.54 miles in 44:16 minutes. Pace of 9:42. Ho hum. I walked up the big hill.. and got stopped by a friend. And man I'm tired tonight. I think it's the whole being consistent that is making me realize I need more sleep if I'm going to try and be a superstar. I was telling my husband that I feel so much better when I can just wake up on my own... even if it's at 6AM. That's much easier then the alarm going off or hearing one of the kids wake up. I'm the lightest sleeper on the earth so these sounds I'm hearing can be so annoying sometimes.


1. Oatmeal with a banana and almond butter

2. Tuna on a thin bun with a side of fruit cocktail. I can't stand fruit cocktail but I had a can of it and wanted to see if I still hated it. Yep, I do.

3. Green Monster Smoothie... and let me say that this was a GREAT one today. I used my usual, ground flaxseed, almond milk, banana, and spinach... BUT I added some crushed pineapple that I threw in the freezer last night. It's almost like a pina colada. WHICH then made me think that maybe tomorrow (since I'm out of almond milk) I'll use the coconut water I have with the rest of the pineapple. Doesn't that sound yummy????

4. Pork chops, peas, wild rice, and salad

Other Runs:

I've been looking into some other runs. It's hard to find anything further then a 5K or less then a 1/2 marathon around here. I'd like to find an in betweener to do in April or so to continue with that race feeling. Figure I'll do a 5K in February (because I think I can drag a friend along) but other then that, I don't know.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The weekend....

I guess the reason I didn't post anything yesterday was because well, it didn't revolve around me exercising and eating well. I met my husband around 11 at Red Hook Brewery for lunch where I consumed pita/hummus and then a chipotle chicken sandwich. I guess that doesn't sound that bad does it? But it felt like I stuffed my face. Probably because I drank two beers with my lunch AND we did the brewery tour and got more beer. I use to be a beer drinker. Then something happened, I could hardly drink them anymore. I think my limit is 3 and that's pushing it because I get so FULL. Uuugh. Why waste my stomach room on beer. Geeeesh!

For dinner I had grilled pork tenderloin, green beans, and mashed potatoes.

Now when I see all that in writing I'm wondering what I ate. It's really not a whole lot but I was so full all day. Blah!

I knew I would be running this morning so as much as I have in the past ran on a totally empty stomach I'm realizing how difficult that has been on me lately. So, about 45 minutes before I was to run I had a piece of toast topped with peanut butter.

My run today was okay. I knew I had to go further then the usual 3 but didn't have the time to go 5. So, today was 4.18 miles in 39:18. Next weekend I'll push for that 5 miles. That was a 9:28 average pace and it's nice for me to see my mileage in the 9 minutes versus 10... which is really a change from last year.

Then I had to take my daughter to a birthday party so it wasn't close to 2:15 that I ate again. I wasn't starving so I made a green monster. Realized it wasn't enough and had some cheddar with some of the best crackers in the land. Back to Nature Multigrain Flax. Droooool. Love 'em.

Tonight for dinner we are having pork stir fry with the leftover tenderloin.

I guess all in all the food hasn't been too bad but I guess I just feel like it has been in a you are not getting all your meals in type of way.

Tomorrow's a new day.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Amazing Grass.. Uh Superfood?

The other day I was at Whole Foods and remembered that I had read about some Amazing Grass to add to my Green Monsters. So I picked up a couple individual packets because there was no way I was going to pay the bucks for something that ended up tasting like, umm, dirt.

This morning I decided to try one. Since it was a berry flavor I figured I'd mix it in with some mixed berries in case it was bad and I just wasted an entire smoothie. So, I combined my ground flax, spinach, banana, mixed berries, and the Amazing Grass and gave it a whirl.

Umm, yeah.

I can't imagine what it would have been like if I wouldn't have used the mixed berries. I'm currently trying to choke down my glass. I was really hoping I wouldn't taste it. Or at least it didn't have a flavor, I guess. It's just earthy in a fake earth type of way. It actually reminds me of those instant breakfast drinks I use to drink as a kid because we thought it would be healthier then hersheys syrup. ha!

Well, it's suppose to be give me energy and I have a weight workout to do when I'm done so I guess we'll see if I have a little extra something to give... But I have to finish the glass first. I just have pretend I'm on Survivor and having to drink blended squid with goat milk.


I didn't notice any burst of energy so the Amazing Grass just wasn't so Amazing. But I'll try it in something else, I'm sure, cuz I like to torture myself like that sometimes.

My workout went along fine. Always fun to do pushups with a 38 pound 4 year old sitting on your back because they can't stray more then a half inch from you during your workout. Yes, that's my life. ha! Which is why I took up running. I think they forgot to cut the cord when she was born and is somehow still attatched by some invisible umbilical cord.

The rest of my food consumption was ummm, less then desirable. I had a salad for lunch with some shrimp, greens, sprouts, veggies... topped with a blueberry/pomegranate dressing. But the salad didn't cut it so I had a slice of cheddar cheese. Then I walked into the pantry and grabbed some almonds.

Then at 3PM we headed to the movies. And who AM I to say No to popcorn. Really? Not this girl. So a large popcorn for 3 of us... we wont talk about who ate the most.... we'll just move on.

Came home and my husband asked what was for dinner. I said "YOU are having a hamburger" and handed him the bag from the grocery store... "I had popcorn...."

Then I opened the fridge and ate 5 strawberries.

The End!

Oh wait, then I ate an apple with some peanut butter....

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Will it or will it not rain today?

I'm saying it will rain... how much, I don't know. It's already sprinkling but I can roll with that. Must get that run in this afternoon. Why can't you feel as good before you run then you do after? I am hoping for 4 miles today. I'm just running out of routes so some people better start planting flowers or painting their homes. I need new scenery.

Meals (will update tonight):

1. Green Monster Smoothie (spinach, flax meal, almond milk, banana, and some pears that I had in the fridge). Not a fan of the pear texture thrown in there BUT the flavor is nice.

2. Tuna on a thin bun with avocado and tomato with a side of green beans.

3. Skinny cinnamon dulce latte (I'm just including that because it's a beverage that involves calories)

4. Egg casserole (just wasn't in the mood to cook much)

.... MY RUN....

Guess what happened just as I was about to go for my run??? You guessed it.. RAIN. Doh. BUT, since I wimped out yesterday I had to suck it up today. I put on my waterproof jacket and headed... early realizing the jacket isn't that comfortable to run in, but.............

I didn't go as far as I wanted (the wind started to blow) so I stopped at 3.04 miles in a time of 28:28. It's all good. I feel better now that I went out there.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Oh Wednesday... Oh Wednesday...

Today was, well, Wednesday... and although I had good intentions of making everything fall into place, it didn't. I really don't have alot of problems when it comes to food. I know what's good to eat and I know how to eat well.... BUT guess what happened at 3:30 today????

It started to POUR DOWN RAIN! I've ran in snow, I've ran in sun, I've rain in rain, BUT I do NOT run in pouring down rain. I live in the Seattle area and we know rain.... this is the ridiculous stuff that soaked me walking to our BBQ to make dinner. Uuugh. So, my excuse today was that stupid rain outside that prevented me from venturing out for a run. If it was sprinkling... yes... but I Just. Could. Not. Do. It.

So, we will talk about my food instead. I like food. A Lot! It doesn't even have to be junk food but I love it and I love it when it's something new. Which is why I am so excited to find new ways to make oatmeal. I'm 38 years old. You'd think I'd have learned that it's okay to add something other then brown sugar to it.

1. Oatmeal with a banana, almond butter, and goji berries mixed in.

2. TJ's Chile Lime Chicken burger on thin bun with sauteed mushrooms/onions and salsa.

3. Couple pieces of dark chocolate

4. BBQ London Broil, baked cauliflower, steamed green beans.

I really hope to add more exciting stuff to this blog in the coming weeks and pass along new and exciting things that I learn. Well, maybe exciting to me.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Bowflex...

Today's workout was the upper body with the bowflex and some free weights. Need to make sure I keep up with this, too. Once I get the full body involved everything seems to fall into place.


1. Himalanian Goji Berry Crunch. OMG... Hearing all the benefits of the Goji Berry and I saw this and thought I'd give it a whirl, too. Probably shouldn't have. I'll eat the entire bag.

2. Trader Joes Chicken Lime patty on the thin bun with avocado, mixed greens, salsa. Also, 3 strawberries.

3. Baked shrimp w/feta over linguine

... Realizing I didn't each much today but I think it's because it's my daughters 4th birthday and I've been saving myself for dessert. ha!

Monday, January 11, 2010

A new week...

Monday's are usual my catch up day. I feel like I can get things done when 3 out of the 5 of us are out of the house. So, I did laundry, cleaned the bathroooms... all that dumb stuff.

I went for an afternoon run. Yes, I did! Phew. Today was 3.64 miles in 34:16. I don't think I'll ever be a fast runner. I read about people running 7-8 minute miles IN A ROW (ha!) and I just don't think I was born to be quick like that. It could be that I'm 5'4" or that I just don't have that endurance... I don't know. But I guess slow and steady works for me. I'll be heading back to physical therapy next week so hoping I'll get some strength to get me through this year.


1. Green Monster Smoothie

2. Tuna w/avocado/tomato on an earthgrain thin bun that I keep reading about. (

3. Apple w/peanut butter

4. Braised beef w/red potatoes, green beans, and salad. Oh, and a piece of baguette.

5. Handful of pretzels

Sunday, January 10, 2010


I start in full force tomorrow. No more slacking on the workouts!!!!

1. Green Monster Smoothie

2. Handful of pretzels

3. Triple grande nonfat mocha

4. Pork chop, green salad, brussel sprouts

5. Pumpkin cake (doh!)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturdays Eats...

1. Lean Cuisine Panini

2. Swedish fish

3. Chicken stuffed with goat cheese/herbs (cooking light), broccoli, roasted red potatoes, green salad.

4. Chocolate Melting Cake (it was a dessert we had on our cruise and sadly I overcooked it).

Saturday Run

I've got to get my groove back. It was a slow going 4.42 miles but I did it. With some walking, too. Having a hard time feeling the ol' running vibe but at least I'm doing it.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Today's My Birthday...

I need to just remind myself that if I want to have a fun and exciting birthday I have to plan something myself. Just because my husband doesn't care to have anything done for his birthday doesn't mean that maybe his wife doesn't.

With that....

Today's food, so far....

1. Green Monster Smoothie

2. Breakfast Cookie

3. A whole lot of sushi for my birthday dinner and yakisoba noodles. Nummmmmmy!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's Thursday...

Another exciting day in the food world for me.

1. PB and Banana Steel Cut oats. I do NOT recommend using a banana that you had in your freezer for this. Or at least not a banana that had probably started to brown and that's why you stuck it in your freezer.

2. Big ol' salad... the same as the rest of the week. 3 slices of fresh mozzarella w/ 3 tomato slices and fresh basil.

3. Handful of pretzels

4. Paprika Pork (out of Cooking Light).

Pounding the pavement...

In an hour I'll be out there in the brisk Winter air doing my first run since ummmm, December 28th (when I ran a mile on the cruise ship track but got very bored quickly). ha! I am hoping to get in about 4 miles? We will see how my body cooperates. Once I get out there it's just a matter of putting one foot in front of the other but man, it's much easier to talk myself out of it. But, I can't....

I turn 38 tomorrow. That's no excuse.

.....Running Update.......

Boy, that was slooooooooow going. I started out with all sorts of energy because I was wound up about finding out I had to get my daughter pre-registered for preschool in the Fall. That day. A heads up might have been nice. ha!

So, I started all nice and felt good... then things started to feel off. I walked up the steep hill. I continued to run. Cut it a little short because my body just was not feeling it today. I don't know if this happens to anyone else but when it's cool out do your ears get plugged up? Like you feel like you are breathing out of your ears???? So every breath almost echos through your head???And my toes. I still cannot figure out why when I start to run my toes go numb. Eventually it comes back but it's like my feet are too cold then they warm up and feel fine. So, I had that going on. As soon as I got close to my house my back started to tighten up and feel tweekish. That, was enough for me to stop.

So, a quick 2.38 miles. Came inside and stretched and did 5 minutes of planks/pillars.

I think it'll be easier to do a nice run this weekend when I don't feel as rushed and I can focus on the things that are making me uncomfortable versus just trying to get it done.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wednesday's Consumption

1. PB and Banana Steel Cut Oats

2. Romaine w/turkey, feta, egg, carrots, snap peas, broccoli, toasted almonds, and tomato

3. Lean Cuisine Pannini (my original plan was pork tenderloin but my husband said he wouldn't be home for dinner so I made whatever was quick and easy for everyone).. then he ended up coming home. ha! Oh well.. tuna sandwich for him. ;)

4. Handful of almonds.

5. Vodka Martini

Steel Cut Oats, Anyone?

I've tried to get on the steel cut oats bandwagon. I always find them, uhhh, too chewy. I'll eat them but it was more of a choking them down type of feeling.

Until....... this morning.

I gave them another shot using this recipe Happy happy!!!!!! This was like eating a pb and banana sandwich in a bowl. I didn't make them the night before (as the recipe says) but just made a big pot that I can now divide up for the rest of the week.

Honestly, I never thought to really put a whole lot of anything in my oatmeal. I've always added a little brown sugar and that was that in fear of the dreaded "extra calories/fat" but who knew it wasn't against the law to throw whatever you wanted into it. But check out this website of all types of yummy goodness!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tuesdays Meals

1. Green Monster Smoothie made with ground flax seeds, spinach, almond milk, frozen peaches, and a banana.

2. Salad made with romaine, carrots, broccoli, snap peas, tomato, turkey, egg whites, kidney beans... Topped with a lower fat blue cheese. I just can't add a nice raspberry dressing on egg... I just can't.

3. A couple slices of Apple

4. Leftover homemade chili and umm, Red wine.

5. Dark chocolate (6 squares) from Ikea with my red wine.

..... and with that I call it a night.

Food Journal

A few years back... well, actually, not a few 8 years ago I did Body For Life. (Hard to believe it was that long ago). The ideas behind the program have stuck with me all these years but I'm not as strict of a follower. My meals usually have a carb/protein/veggies but I don't freak out if I stray from all that anymore.

One of the main ideas of the program was to plan and write down everything... Meals and workouts and feelings for the day. I think that's where I am lacking right now. All my runs over the last couple of months are uploaded onto (so I've got that covered) but I need to make sure I see what I'm eating, too. I'll probably bore you all with it and I wont go into exact measurements but it'll be nice to see in print how I'm feeding this ol' body of mine.

Before I get behind, already, here's yesterday:

...Green Monster Smoothie

Erin's Breakfast Cookie (I just wanted something quick that I could walk around and eat while I was picking up the house)

...A handful of Raw Almonds

Lean Cuisine Panini (obviously I'm seeing a bad trend here). Already eating stuff out of packages. Must stop.

...Dinner was homemade Chili and a green salad.

...Snack was an apple with peanut butter.

.............Exciting???? no?

Hoping for a better day today.

Monday, January 4, 2010

A Quote...

"It's very hard to understand that the whole idea is not to beat the other runners. Eventually you learn that the real competition is against the voice inside you that wants to quit." -George Sheehan.

This hit home for me. I'm competitive by nature but I'm far from the fastest of the bunch. There are times when I'll be running and see people pass me and wonder what the heck, why are they passing me? What am I doing wrong that makes me not as fast as them. I wonder if I stop and walk could I make up some excuse as to why I didn't finish in the top of the pack. But I always keep going and I really have to push myself. I can drive myself insane.

During the Rock and Roll I had to repeat to myself "Pain is only temporary.." over and over and over again... I knew that once the race was over I would be able to feel my toes again and my shins would recover. But I just had to keep going. Had To.

I am hoping this year I am able to enjoy the runs I do. I think I was just doing them last year. Always worrying about "how well" I'd do and what would people think if I didn't finish with a decent time. When you put that much pressure on yourself it's hard to focus on the other parts of the runs that are suppose to be fun.

The first race of 2010 will be on March 14th. I'll be putting longer runs in earlier this year in hopes that the fear of fizzling out early leaves my mind. I've already spent a couple months in physical therapy so they will continue to help me strengthen those areas that I am weak to prevent the same injuries as before. The less I have on my plate I think it will all fall into place.

It's a new year...

It’s funny to think that another year has come and gone. I really do not know where last year went. I don’t even feel like it ended… we are just starting from the beginning. I’ve read resolutions and goals but to me, I don’t think I have any. There are all the things that I like to continue to do… things that I probably should stop doing… and just things I’d like to do someday and not necessarily this year. But are they resolutions? I think it’s just life.