Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What did I do today????

Throughout the day I always think of these wise ol' things to talk about and then I get on at night and forget. I'm sure it was all very important. ;)

So, lets see, today I had a VERY GOOD Green Monster for breakfast.... by now you should know my usual ingredients so take out the almond milk and add some coconut water. Quite Tasty indeed!!!!

Lunch was a chicken soft taco from Taco Time. I think it's like 442 calories. Then I came home and ate a WW Cafe Au Lait ice cream bar. Just needed a little extra something...

And since I had lunch out and about today why not order take out for dinner. So, I called our local Vietnamese restaurant and ordered myself some Pho. Love me that Pho.

Then I just devoured 4 small squares of milk chocolate. I was looking for a cookie and oddly enough I had NONE in my freezer. Which means, Mama is slackin' on her cookie makin'. If you are new to who I am, I bake... a lot! But the thing is I really don't eat a lot of baked goods I just enjoy the process of baking. So, what happens is, I bake cookies... leave about a dozen out for the family and the rest goes in the freezer. So, if you are ever looking for a cookie you know to check the freezer... but guess what???? There are NONE!!!! I'll get on that after this week!

Today's workout was for the lower body using the bowflex. Also some squats. Which I am finding a little IT Band issue doing one legged squats so I'll be sure to bring that up to PT next week. Must nip that in the butt Pronto!

Tomorrow's my running day. Hoping to hit 5 miles. That way I can get over that hump and have a time to keep in mind for later.


  1. Oooh, I hope you get that 5 miler in. ;)

  2. I love to bake too, luckily the goods don't last long in our house for me to eat too many!

  3. Good luck getting your five miler in!