Thursday, January 21, 2010

Oh, my aching legs....

Yesterday I did squats. It has been a month since I've done a squat and I'm sure you all know how that goes.... You can no longer climb stairs. Get out of a chair. Or ummm, move? So, when it came time to run this afternoon I was pretty close to talking myself out of it... BUT then I thought about tomorrow and how a run would work better today then tomorrow and yadda yadda...

So, I hit the pavement. I did my 5 miles. Yeah, Me. 5.03 if we want to get technical. And well, every little bit counts. So, I ran a 9:11 pace and finished in 46:49. Which for me isn't quite shabby. I think that's the fastest I've ran that far ever. Go Team Denise! It was nice to know that even when I stop to tie my shoe, or to just regroup that I can keep a decent pace. How far I can keep that up, time will only tell. I'll go the same route on Saturday. I probably wont add another mile til next week. I could, I guess but, I don't know. It's probably too early to start "training" for the 1/2 in June but it's not too early to continue to work in those miles. I want to be comfortable and painfree. That's an easy enough goal, right?

Food wise, a little wonky today. For breakfast I had made oatmeal and put in some frozen blueberries... well, not a good choice because then my oatmeal turned cold fast. And after a couple of bites I had enough and was off on my errands for 3 hours.

Lunch was a Lean Cuisine Panini (quickest thing at the time), followed by a spoonful of peanut butter.

Then I made a Green Monster smoothie with the wonderful addition of coconut water. I drank only half because it was getting close to run time.

After the run I reblended the Green Monster and finished that off and that really hit the spot! Very refreshing with some added ice cubes.

Dinner was a big ol' salad with some shrimp.

OH... and my left shin is a little achey. I iced them up so I need to keep those shin splints at bay. Hitting physical therapy on Tuesday and want to get on the injury prevention asap... I don't need anything stopping me in my tracks this year.


  1. Yay, you got your five miler in! Good time too. ;)

  2. Nice job on the five miler and definitely great job on the speed!