Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I took today off.... GASP!!!!

I came down with a cold. I know you can run with a cold and there's nothing that says you can't run with a cold BUT I just would rather "run" tomorrow then today. Simple enough. It's 4 miles. 4 miles can be done tomorrow and will have to be done tomorrow since I didn't do it today. Ta-Dah!

So, I went to PT yesterday and explained my issue. Oh wait, let me back up. I go two physical therapy places. One that specializes in orthotics and one that specializes in "fixig you up and getting you back on your game." So I went to the "lets fix you up" place. The foot..... she recomended that I get a referral from my doctor to for a more in depth look at what I'm dealing with. She "thinks" it could be a neuroma but again, she's not a "doctor" so.... As for my calf, doesn't think it's shin splints BUT the soleus muscle. That it could be over compensating for "my right foot" which is causing me so much grief. Great! ha!

So, she did some ultrasound therapy on my foot and massaged the crap out of my calf. If you've never had a massage from a physical therapist, well, ummmm, let's just say it's unlike any other massage EVER... it's not relaxing... when she says "BREATH.." it means omg, that hurts so bad but you know tomorrow it will feel so much better. ha!

So, today, well, I feel better except for the cold I have and I'd rather just let everything take it's course and heal then muster up any other garbage.

I got into my doctor this morning and he sent a referral to a podiatrist. So I will see them on Monday morning. It's much easier to get into someone when you've gone from orthotics to physical therapy and back to the doctor saying ummmmm, FIX THIS!

I'm the type of person who doesn't "quit." I'm not going to go, ohhh, it hurts, I'm not going to run... I'm a "ooh it hurts, but nothing a little ice and advil wont kill." I just want him to say, cortisone shot here ya go and send me on my way. Or heck, lets make it easy and put me in a new orthotic?

so, that's the latest on me. Aren't I a whole bottle of fun?

I'm leaning more towards the half on May 1st.... Something inside me is telling me to just do it but I don't want to sign up until I know my toes wont go numb by mile 6. ha!

Monday, March 29, 2010

In the pouring down rain...

Well, they don't cancel a race for rain. So, I can't not run because it was going to rain. When, I didn't know, but I figured it would happen somewhere along the route. At about 2 miles it began to POUR!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pour pour pour.

I did my scheduled 4 miles in 36:09. I have a wrap around my shin and boy, does it feel better. Dang shin splints. I think I'm going to try some compression socks. Heading to physical therapy tomorrow afternoon and I'm sure they'll make me want to scream during the massage. ha! But it always feels better when it's over and done with. So, what I initially went to see the physical therapist for (ITB) no longer exists and I have all this other crud going on. Boo.

I haven't quite decided if I am going to sign up for the 1/2 marathon on May 1. I was hoping I'd be pain free by now. So, I'll discuss that tomorrow, too.

Nothing new on the food front. I have been eating quite well and I think I mentioned before my alcohol consumption has decreased to maybe once on the weekend. so, all is well.

I'm really enjoying all these running blogs out there. It's so motivated and great to see how many people enjoy it. I'm jealous of all the places people get to run though. I'm getting bored of my hood. ha!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Trying new things...

Saturday I had a 6-mile run on my schedule. I was going to try out my new amphipod so I'd actually have water while I ran and a GU packet (blackberry flavor). Oh, and my new Sugoi top. I'm finding I like the fit of their tops (which is important) but am still in search of a tank to wear running.

Anyway, I wasn't sure how I'd do with having the amphipod. I'm so anal about things not feeling right or throwing me off so I was really expecting it to. But it really didn't bother me. I have to admit it was SO NICE to have water on hand. Granted I still haven't mastered the drinking and running act BUT, I'm sure that will come with practice.

Long story short, my run went just fine. I could have gone farther but I'm being a good girl and sticking to the plan and not overdoing it. I still need another adjustment on my orthotic and my left calf/shin area is sore but overall everything felt good.

mile 1- 9:11
mile 2- 9:14
mile 3- 9:04
mile 4- 9:06
mile 5- 9:09
mile 6- 9:56 (walked up a hill)
last .29- 2:21 (8:14 pace)

Total: 6.29 miles/58:03/9:14 pace

.... will write more later.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Favorite Running Gear

Does anyone have a favorite running short? A running top? How about a form fitting top for those bigger then a C cup and has had 3 children? ha! How about a water bottle that you can run with? I have a water belt but I found it a little restrictive and not sure if I'll bother with using it to train this year.

I am trying to make routes that I can hit my house at 4 mile increments. I really don't want to drop water bottles along the way just in the paranoia sense of someone tampering with it... or gasp, throwing it away.

Just trying to get everything organized as I finish up the month and move onto April.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Monday

In about an hour I'll be heading out for a nice 4 mile run. I'm finding that by sticking to the plan I'm not as dreary about getting out there and running. I just need to find some new routes. I did get a new Garmin 305 watch so that's very helpful. Before I was relying on my iphone with the mapmyrun app on it. Well, the iphone only fits in certain and that's kind of a pain. So, now it will be all about me and my watch.

Tomorrow I'll be heading to my original physical therapist to have them hopefully redo my right orthotic. Somethings just not right and they need to get it fixed pronto. It's funny to think that around this time last year I just started having the troubles with my IT band and all that and here I am again, going back and having them fix it again.

Last year during my 1/2 marathon training, well, lack of... I made it to 7 miles. I couldn't go any further without pain. I managed to finish the 1/2 marathon with having only ran 7 miles. I guess when your mind is in it you can do anything. This year, I am hoping I wont have anything standing in my way and I'll have trained past 7 miles.

Foods going well. Still having my Green Monsters everyday. I've even cut back to one-two alcoholic beverages a week.. and that's on the week-end depending on what day I plan on running. If I drink the night before a run I'm finding I have less to give in my run. So, obviously, the alcohol had to go.

Enjoy your afternoon, Everyone!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

St. Patty's Day Run

Got up bright and early and made the trek over to Seattle. Just as I arrived I got a text from my friend saying her car wont start, so I was on my own, again, for another race. Which is really fine, I never run with people anyway and I feel "off" if I have people I know near me. It was chilly but not hailing and snowing like last year. The sun was out and there was blue sky!!!!!

I've found I really like getting near the front of the start line. I just can't stand to get behind too many people, especially in these fun runs, because people are always in my way. Stopping, jogging/walking 3-4 people across, uuuugh, drives me crazy. I only encountered that a few times on this one and I think once you get past the first mile/mile and a half people kind of drop back.

I felt pretty good on the run, the first 2 miles is basically a gradual hill which is a pain in the rear. ha! But then I kept telling myself that I'd be going down on the last half. But the last 1/2-3/4 of a mile my legs were just led... it was really weird. I saw the finish line and could not push past it. I'm not sure what happened. Maybe because I ran it THREE minutes faster then last year.

My stats for the 3.8 mile run...

age: 38

overall place: 1698 out of 7824

division place: 62 out of 647

gender place: 462 out of 4319

time: 33:39

So, I was quite pleased. My "head" goal was 35 minutes because I didn't really know how fast I'd go once I was there.

Now that that is all done, it's on to focusing my energy on the half-marathon and making sure I am as injury free as possible.

Friday, March 12, 2010


I know I said I'd be back but then I forgot what email address I was using for blogger and the password... and one email which happens to be this one I can't connect to, so I have to remember to do the switch. What a mess. ha!

Anyway, I've kept up on my running... Yeah Me! Getting my 3 days a week in but slacking on the biking. Ooops! I have a "new" foot issue going on. It's right in the ball joint area of my second toe on my right foot. Get all that? When I press on it it feels bruised and pretty much every shoe I wear "except" my running shoe is slightly uncomfortable. I honestly think there is an issue with my orthotic. I've had these custom made ones since April??? So, almost a year, and I was never confident in that right foot. I had to keep going back for adjustments. Well, enoughs enough. I called today to make an appointment. Which of course, wont be for another week and a half unless there's a cancellation. I "could" have gone today but it wouldn't make sense to when I am runnin in a 3.8 mile St. Patty's run and I can't do that on a "newly adjusted" orthotic. Especially if the new fix makes it worse. So, I had to take the next available. So, I'm a little annoyed with the whole orthotic deal. My left foot feels perfect.... the right just isn't working. I almost feel like my foot's sliding more, too. I've tried all sorts of different socks and on my run yesterday I went to my super thick Thoros so it padded my foot better. I might actually try wearing two different socks next week.

Eating has been going really well. I have been adding Chia Seeds to my smoothies and I don't know if it's psychological or what but I actually "feel" better. But I also haven't had wine or any alcohol since Sunday so that could be it, too. ha! I might get on the Maca powder bandwagon, too. We'll see. I'm really hoping to get some renewed energy and keep my body healing as I put in longer runs.

Like I said, I have the run on Sunday. It's not a typical 5K because it's 3.8 miles. I make a point in telling people that because in reality there IS a difference when it comes to your time. And well, I'm a numbers person, and I want the details to be accurate. ha! I still haven't decided if I'm going to do the half-marathon on May 1. That will probably depend on getting this foot thing resolved. I think it would be a good motivator because it put it a month and a half before the Rock n Roll but I don't want to push it either. So, just playing it by ear. I'll know the day before they raise the price. ;)

Enjoy your weekend, friends!