Sunday, March 14, 2010

St. Patty's Day Run

Got up bright and early and made the trek over to Seattle. Just as I arrived I got a text from my friend saying her car wont start, so I was on my own, again, for another race. Which is really fine, I never run with people anyway and I feel "off" if I have people I know near me. It was chilly but not hailing and snowing like last year. The sun was out and there was blue sky!!!!!

I've found I really like getting near the front of the start line. I just can't stand to get behind too many people, especially in these fun runs, because people are always in my way. Stopping, jogging/walking 3-4 people across, uuuugh, drives me crazy. I only encountered that a few times on this one and I think once you get past the first mile/mile and a half people kind of drop back.

I felt pretty good on the run, the first 2 miles is basically a gradual hill which is a pain in the rear. ha! But then I kept telling myself that I'd be going down on the last half. But the last 1/2-3/4 of a mile my legs were just led... it was really weird. I saw the finish line and could not push past it. I'm not sure what happened. Maybe because I ran it THREE minutes faster then last year.

My stats for the 3.8 mile run...

age: 38

overall place: 1698 out of 7824

division place: 62 out of 647

gender place: 462 out of 4319

time: 33:39

So, I was quite pleased. My "head" goal was 35 minutes because I didn't really know how fast I'd go once I was there.

Now that that is all done, it's on to focusing my energy on the half-marathon and making sure I am as injury free as possible.


  1. Congrats on your PR! It is an interesting course with the steady incline...but it makes for a great view and good finish. :)

  2. great stats! I'm trying to stay injury free myself, gotta hate getting old!