Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Favorite Running Gear

Does anyone have a favorite running short? A running top? How about a form fitting top for those bigger then a C cup and has had 3 children? ha! How about a water bottle that you can run with? I have a water belt but I found it a little restrictive and not sure if I'll bother with using it to train this year.

I am trying to make routes that I can hit my house at 4 mile increments. I really don't want to drop water bottles along the way just in the paranoia sense of someone tampering with it... or gasp, throwing it away.

Just trying to get everything organized as I finish up the month and move onto April.


  1. Running belts are difficult to run with, I never could get used to wearing one. I use the Amphipod hand held bottle (when I use a hand held). Since I mostly do trail running I am usually wearing a hydration pack on my back. As far as shorts? I never wear 'em. I only run in skorts. ;)

  2. Hey I just found your blog...

    If you get the right belt for you, they are awesome. I love the SPIbelt. It keeps my GU and phone and I never feel it.

    As for shorts, again everyone is different. I race in Asics 4-pocket which are my favorite, but I also love anything C9 from Target.

    I will be doing a weekly Monday Q&A on my blog if you are interested in participating...perhaps it will help answer some of your questions.

  3. Hi Denise! Wanted to respond to your question of how I run with my phone - I'll probably do a full post about it soon. I used to use an armband, but I'm in a phase where I'm not so into it right now - although it's definitely worked well for me. I currently keep it in a spibelt (http://www.spibelt.com/) which has been nice. Doesn't bounce much and fits lots of stuff.

    As far as hydration, I really like my handheld water bottle because belts don't fit me well. After the first few runs with it, I don't notice the weight any more, and it gives me a little arm workout too while I'm out there!

    Clothing - I recommend just picking up some random items and seeing how they treat you. Everyone's body is shaped differently. Sale racks are great for this. :)

  4. I finally found a belt that I like, doesn't bounce, or shift or even move... I'm not the type that can run with something in my hand... so a handheld is not a personal favorite of mine.