Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I took today off.... GASP!!!!

I came down with a cold. I know you can run with a cold and there's nothing that says you can't run with a cold BUT I just would rather "run" tomorrow then today. Simple enough. It's 4 miles. 4 miles can be done tomorrow and will have to be done tomorrow since I didn't do it today. Ta-Dah!

So, I went to PT yesterday and explained my issue. Oh wait, let me back up. I go two physical therapy places. One that specializes in orthotics and one that specializes in "fixig you up and getting you back on your game." So I went to the "lets fix you up" place. The foot..... she recomended that I get a referral from my doctor to for a more in depth look at what I'm dealing with. She "thinks" it could be a neuroma but again, she's not a "doctor" so.... As for my calf, doesn't think it's shin splints BUT the soleus muscle. That it could be over compensating for "my right foot" which is causing me so much grief. Great! ha!

So, she did some ultrasound therapy on my foot and massaged the crap out of my calf. If you've never had a massage from a physical therapist, well, ummmm, let's just say it's unlike any other massage EVER... it's not relaxing... when she says "BREATH.." it means omg, that hurts so bad but you know tomorrow it will feel so much better. ha!

So, today, well, I feel better except for the cold I have and I'd rather just let everything take it's course and heal then muster up any other garbage.

I got into my doctor this morning and he sent a referral to a podiatrist. So I will see them on Monday morning. It's much easier to get into someone when you've gone from orthotics to physical therapy and back to the doctor saying ummmmm, FIX THIS!

I'm the type of person who doesn't "quit." I'm not going to go, ohhh, it hurts, I'm not going to run... I'm a "ooh it hurts, but nothing a little ice and advil wont kill." I just want him to say, cortisone shot here ya go and send me on my way. Or heck, lets make it easy and put me in a new orthotic?

so, that's the latest on me. Aren't I a whole bottle of fun?

I'm leaning more towards the half on May 1st.... Something inside me is telling me to just do it but I don't want to sign up until I know my toes wont go numb by mile 6. ha!

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  1. I totally had flashbacks to when I had PT for my hamstring, and my heel....ouch!!! Hope you're better soon!