Thursday, April 1, 2010


Am I the only one who is so cold after runs? It takes me FOREVER to warm up. I can't remember if I experienced this during the warmer months or not but then again, I don't really remember running too much last Summer. ha!

So, today's run stats:

mile 1-9:05

mile 2-9:03

mile 3-8:42

mile 4-8:43

last .27-2:10

Total: 4.27 miles with a 8:50 pace.....

I'm still recovering from my cold. But I wasn't going to let it get me down today. I knew I had to get out there and do it. Either Saturday or Sunday (the one day it rains less-ha!) I'll be doing a 6.5 mile run. I might go for 7 depending on my foot. I was pleasantly surprised that my calf didn't cause me much grief. I guess that painful massage the other day worked it's magic.

Tomorrow afternoon we begin Spring Break in these parts. Sadly, we have no plans and it looks like it will rain for many of those days. Doh. I'd rather just send them to school and get out a week earlier in June.

Have a great evening, everyone!


  1. Come hang out here in Phoenix this summer and I guarantee you won't be cold after a run. ;-)

  2. This reminds me of my run yesterday. Getting over a cold so I spent half my run hacking. The coughing runner...
    Hope you start feeling better soon. And me too!