Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Man oh Man...

I was very excited to pick up my brand spankin' new made for me orthotics today.

Then I was told, wait five days to run. Thud.

I knew I wouldn't be able to run far the first couple days but not run AT ALL... Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?

And, I did what I've been dying to do.... I took out the orthotics this afternoon to do a quick little run around the block to get the edgyness out of me.

2.6 miles and my leg started to hurt. SIGH! BUT I felt good overall and my pace was good.... so that's all good. I was also "on the road" so that could have been part of the deal. Thursday I'll try and hit the trail for a "little run" then on Saturday (the 5th day) I'll go to the trail and step it up a bit further WITH my new orthotics.

They feel good though. So, that's a plus. Need to continue with the cross training and pray that the next two months go smoothly. Please.

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