Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ride Sally Ride...

Well, the mountain bike and I had a date on the trail this morning. I squeezed in 14.5 miles. Halfway, I got a little bored. The birds chirping weren't exactly making me go any faster. I remembered my iphone had Pandora on it!!!! So, I turned it on in my camelbak and listened to some music on the way back. That made it much more fun and less lonely. My back is stiff now just add that to my complaints but know that will go away sooner then the shin splints which didn't bother me at all during the ride.

So, it was nice to have another option to keep me moving a good distance.

Yeah for bikes!


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  2. I'd never ride with earphones in, but have put my iPhone into a little bento box in the front, just loud enough to hear, awesome!!