Monday, April 5, 2010

Depressing Appointment ....

Umm, so I'm back from the Podiatrist. I'm still a bit teary.

Apparently, I am causing wear on the cartilage of that area of my toe joint. The orthotics that were made for me were doing more harm then good. Which makes me so angry because I kept telling those people there was something off but they kept trying to make adjustments versus just re-doing the entire thing.

SO, he gave me TWO options and I could choose which one I wanted to do.

1. Shut me down, now, and put me in a walking boot, and wait to heal.

2. Remake my orthotics, put me on a no hills soft surface only workout, ice everyday, and then go for steroid injections if these options are not helping.

Well, obviously you all know which option I chose, right? ha!

So, I go back on the 20th (which is depressing because that's 2 weeks out) to get my orthotics remade. THEN it will take another 2 weeks to get them back unless I go for express something which I'll probably do if it doesn't cost an arm and a leg to do it.

In the mean time, he said to take the orthotics OUT of my shoes and gave me some other over the counter ones called Spenco PolySorb walker/runner (in case anyone was wondering).

I'm also not to go barefoot or wear heels. Which I do neither one so I am good. He said my Ugg slippers should be okay but again, if there's any pain with them then I need to go for a more supportive slipper.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I am pretty sure the 1/2 Marathon on the 1st might be out. But again, I'm not ruling it out completely because I'm angry and I'm going to keep training as much as I can. The "no hills" is an issue, obviously, because that's where I live. I can't even get out of my neighborhood without running a hill. But I'll do my best to avoid the big ones and just walk up them. The soft turf is difficult but I can do a few runs on the trail. If I want to do a longer run I'll need a biker or another runner with me so I feel safe... so I'll have to get over the running with another person issue I have. If I want flat terrain I'll have to drive to that area. I'm going to email a friend who has connections with the highschool and see how I can get in on the track. (they lock the gate up)

So, that's where I'm at. The thought of not running is extremely depressing and if I'm going to be in a walking boot it will have to wait til Fall or Winter. ha!

I seriously was hoping he'd just say, ehhh, it's a quick fix, lets just shoot up that area and you'll be just fine.


  1. Yuck! That sucks that something that was supposed to be helping you was actually doing the damage to you. Even worse that the people who were supposed to be helping you weren't. I just hope you heal up fast. Sending good healing thoughts your way. :-)

  2. Sorry to hear about that! I used the Spenco's for a while, and they work pretty well. Hope you are better soon!

  3. Gah! What a drag. I was told last summer that I "probably won't run anymore" due to severe arthritis in my knee. Let me just say, where there's a will, there's a way! Keep your chin up. ;)

  4. So sorry to read this...hopefully the other options will help!! Take care, and sending speedy healing vibes your way!!

  5. Sorry to hear this. I've been dealing with foot issues for a while now and i think sometimes my orthodics do more harm than good too. Just take care of yourself and don't push yourself too hard! It's difficult to rest instead of run (especially when it's nice out) but it's best in the long run! Good luck!