Sunday, April 4, 2010

7 Miles on Easter Sunday

Well, actually it was closer to 7.5 miles but I had stopped by watch while I was getting some GU out of my pocket and "thought" I clicked it back on but when I thought to look because I didn't hear the beep I knew... dang it.


mile 1-9:00

mile 2-8:43

mile 3-8:24

mile 4-8:58

mile 5-9:59

mile 6-9:06

mile 7-9:18

average pace- 9:04

I'm actually liking having my water bottle thing. Sure is nice to have something to drink to get you up and moving along the way.

Hope everyone is having a great Easter. My ham finished a little bit ago but I'm not that hungry so we need to wait for ME to be ready. ha!

Tomorrow is my podiatrist appointment so I hope it's a quick and simple fix and I wont have to have too much done to whatever it is that is wrong with me. ha!

Happy Sunday!

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  1. congrats on getting it done on easter sunday -- woot woot!!! awesome!