Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Monday

In about an hour I'll be heading out for a nice 4 mile run. I'm finding that by sticking to the plan I'm not as dreary about getting out there and running. I just need to find some new routes. I did get a new Garmin 305 watch so that's very helpful. Before I was relying on my iphone with the mapmyrun app on it. Well, the iphone only fits in certain and that's kind of a pain. So, now it will be all about me and my watch.

Tomorrow I'll be heading to my original physical therapist to have them hopefully redo my right orthotic. Somethings just not right and they need to get it fixed pronto. It's funny to think that around this time last year I just started having the troubles with my IT band and all that and here I am again, going back and having them fix it again.

Last year during my 1/2 marathon training, well, lack of... I made it to 7 miles. I couldn't go any further without pain. I managed to finish the 1/2 marathon with having only ran 7 miles. I guess when your mind is in it you can do anything. This year, I am hoping I wont have anything standing in my way and I'll have trained past 7 miles.

Foods going well. Still having my Green Monsters everyday. I've even cut back to one-two alcoholic beverages a week.. and that's on the week-end depending on what day I plan on running. If I drink the night before a run I'm finding I have less to give in my run. So, obviously, the alcohol had to go.

Enjoy your afternoon, Everyone!

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  1. I hope your training goes well this time. I guess I was pretty lucky with my orthos - I've had them two years and have had zero problems. Good luck with yours this time. ;)