Sunday, January 25, 2009

Oh, the weather outside is frightful

and the snow is so delightful.

Well, not really. I woke up this morning to snow. Not alot like the couple feet we had in December that seemed to last FOREVER but about an inch covering everything. The plan this morning was to go mountain biking with a friend. Change of plans. We like to pretend that we are "hardcore." But with weather, not so much. We are both pretty wimpy in the cold and riding bikes with the wind whiping past ya, ehhhh, not really fun.

So, that brings me to running. I haven't been a fan of running in the cold either. No matter what I wear I just can't get over that cold air burning my lungs and freezing my entire face off. Oh, and my feet. Brrrr. So, Winter's kind of messed me up this year. How do you all do it?

My goal this week is to run 3 mornings, mountain bike on the weekend, and lift weights 3 days. Need to build up those muscles. I don't really consider mountain biking part of my workouts though. Just because I don't go at it alone and I am with other people so to me that's called "hanging out with my friends."

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  1. Thx for stopping by my blog!

    i run inside on a treadmill 2x per week when it's cold out and only run outside once on th weekend. That's how *I* handle it. :-)