Saturday, February 27, 2010

I'm back....

Sorry for the delay in my return. I'm sure everyone was loosing sleep over it. ;)

Germany was wonderful... we also spent a day in Salzburg, Austria. I'm in love with Austria.

I've ran twice since I've been back. Yes, twice. It's sad. It took me a good week to recover from my trip and then I started looking up some half marathon training plans and am trying to focus on not "over training..." So I'm going to follow a 3 day a week running schedule along with 1-2 days of cross training (aka biking). I really cannot afford injuries and I think right before my trip I jumped up my mileage too quickly versus the 10% or whatever it is that they recommend. So I have two 3-mile runs under my belt this week and will do another tomorrow. I am hoping on my mountain bike in a couple of hours for about a 15 mile bike ride.

I got on Amazon this morning and ordered my coconut water and some chia seeds. I am so looking forward to the Fruit/Veggie Market opening in March so I can get all my fresh produce. I get excited when my house is full of pretty veggies that I can devour.

I have alot of catching up to do and hope to stay on top of things from here on out.

Happy Saturday, Friends!

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  1. Sounds like a great trip! I've heard Austria is amazing!