Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sports Medicine Doc......

ooooooooooooooh boy.

I'm back from my appointment.

What she thinks I have going on is:

1. Leg discrepancy (which can only be determined with a scan)

2. Neuroma on the ball of my foot (determined by Xray)--treated by cortisone shot in foot.

.... so I'll be going in on Thursday to get the scans done. Then I go back to her on May 18 and she'll go over the scans with me.

3. Lack of flexibility in ankles which means when I run I probably go from heel to ball of foot and no in between which is probably causing all the shin/calf pain.

4. Pelvic something or other

.... Treatment plan to start 4-6 visits with a "specific" chiropractor and ONLY this chiropractor which I can't get in with until June 2nd.

She didn't say I couldn't run but obviously if it hurts I'm not going to. ha! So I'll still attempt it and well, if it hurts I wont do it. Guess the bike will have to be my friend for a while. Sigh.

At this point, I really don't know if I'll be doing the half marathon in June. I really don't. I don't know if riding my bike is going to give me the legs to run 13 miles. It's definitely not the same and I don't know how quickly they can fix me either.

So, I'm getting really bummed and I know there area always other halfs but it sucks knowing that the few months we have sunshine I can't even run in it. God, why do I even buy cute running clothes anymore. ha!


  1. That sucks.
    Better to get healthy now tho so you can run in the near future

  2. Ugh, injuries are so hard. Hopefully the scans will give you the answers you need, and you can resume your training. I've had to do lots of cycling and swimming while injured, and became a triathlete because of it. Just sayin' :)

  3. oh no, best of luck to you! sounds like you can fix a lot of these things with PT/Chiropractor. fingers crossed