Tuesday, May 25, 2010

So, Where was I?

Oh yeah.... I was doing nothing.

So on Friday I went to the chiropractor and he did a few things on my back, my toes, and ankle and sent me on my way.

Sunday I was VERY excited to run. Since the sports medicine doctor told me to wait until I had my first chiropractor appointment, I did, and well, now it was time.

I did okay. I just went 4 miles. Nothing really was sore except my toe, which is dumb. OH, and I think I talked about this before but my right arm/wrist/hand gets stiff? Well, that was going on.

After the run, my legs were a little stiff but nothing major and nothing "hurt."


So, today's Tuesday and I went on a little run again. 4.73 miles. Everything felt pretty good with the exception of "the toe" and I made a point to stretch my arm, shake it out, etc... So, phew.

Now one thing I noticed is my Garmin was really starting to annoy me today. To the point where I took it off and tied it to the string of my shorts. Just it being on my arm was too much. I had to get it off. Has this happened to anyone?

I was also underhydrated today and I had forgot my water bottle when I left the house. I think that if I had it with me I would have gone further but I just wanted to get home and get something to drink... and that's where the 4.73 miles came from... "must get home to get water...."

Long story short the legs are feeling fine. The toe is a whole other story. I wish you could feel what is going on. It doesn't HURT, it just is so stiff and feels strained. It's like if you sit on your knees with your feet bent behind you and you stand up... that feeling in your feet. Does that make sense? I've been applying the gel the doctor gave me and I really can't tell if it's working or not.

My next run will be on Thursday. I might wake up early and go that morning since I have PT that day, too. Just to get it all over with and if I'm sore after my run they can work on me.

There are 32 days until the Rock n Roll. That's not a whole lot of runs to get in without risking injury. Wondering what everyones thoughts are of a reasonable goal to get to that will make me be in the mindset that I can do the entire 13? 8? Should I just do some runs with walks and go further? Not worry about the mileage but just run in terms of time? Or should I just see how everything goes up until the Expo and decide at midnight? ha!

...And today I'd like to give a shout out to my 10 year old son. It's his birthday today. So, we are heading for sushi for dinner!!!!

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