Wednesday, June 2, 2010

24 Days til the Rock N Roll...

I like to count things down that way. I could probably break that down further and just say 10 more runs on my own until the Rock N Roll. Which really means can I stay injury free for 10 more runs. ha!

I've been on 5 runs since I was given the okay to get back out there. It's been going okay. My longest run has been 7.79 miles and I am still keeping the pace between 9-10 minute miles. So, that's good. My calves and hamstrings have been soooooooo tight though. I try to keep them stretched out but if I sit/lay down for any extended period of time my legs hate me.

My foot is doing okay. It's not "healed" but I think with my new orthotics, new shoes (picked up the new and improved Brooks Glycerin 8's), steroid gel, and chiropractor work I am moving in the right direction.

I'm also trying to stay hydrated and am pretty sure I'll run with my water bottle. I actually didn't think I would but I am realizing how much better I feel when I have access to water at a given moment along a run. I figure on the rock n roll I can fill it up after I run out along the route. I realized I had some Cytomax in my pantry so I gave that a whirl after my run yesterday to see if that would help with my recovery. It could have been all in my head but a little bit after I drank it I DID feel better. So, I'll keep trying that plan. Maybe have some before and some after my runs. I'm not a fan of drinking these while running because I'm more of a water person so I'll stick to that and if I need it along the race route I can always grab it from one of the stations.

So, here's to injury free running!

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