Friday, June 25, 2010

Rock N Roll Seattle

The day has finally come. Tomorrow's the day... The big day!!!! I wont have to worry about it for another year! ha! Yes, that's right, I signed up at the Expo to do next years half, despite haven't run this year's, YET. ha! Hey, I saved $40!

So, yes, we are hoping to get on the shuttle around 5AM and hit the start line bright and early before it gets too crazy. I'm in corral 19, so look for me wearing blue and black with a white and black hat. I originally was going to wear a black hat BUT within A WEEK I lost my black hat. Somewhere. Livid, I tell ya. Livid. I now have to wear a white hat and pray it doesn't throw off my mojo.

I decided to wear my Garmin... and carry my water bottle. For a while I was thinking of ditching both but then realized I like the comfort of having both.

I am just praying my foot doesn't cause me any grief. I know if my calves tighten up I can stretch them.. the foot, there's nothing I can do until the race is over. Maybe that will be motivation to run faster? ha!

So, with that... I'll see you after the race!

1 comment:

  1. $40 bucks that great, I so should have signed up for the RnR San Diego 2011 at the expo. Good luck tomorrow!!