Saturday, June 26, 2010

Until next year....

Here are my times for todays Seattle Rock n Roll half marathon. Now that I am home I am TIRED. Yawn. With all my leg/foot issues I am happy to report that the issues I had were totally okay. BUT now I have two blisters on each big toe. Whaaaaat? How'd that happen? I've been running for how long and no blisters. Whhhhaaat? Weird. So, my feet hurt. A LOT!

Half Marathon Start: Gun 7:00:07 Chip 7:28:34

Splits: 5 Km 10 Km 9 Mile Finish O'All Sex Div

Times: 29:23 59:25 1:27:02 2:07:33 5328 2919 567

Pace: 9:28 9:34 9:41 9:44

Of course when alls said and done I probably could have ran faster. I stopped once to stretch. Once to adjust my sock (when I realized the blistering). Then I walked a few times because my mind was fighting with my body. Must overcome that.

So yeah.... all done til next year!

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  1. well done. sorry to hear about the blisters though